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Peripheral Neuropathy


Westside Wellness Center is the first center in Los Angeles to bring you a comprehensive program for the treatment of the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy.Peripheral Neuropathy is a very debilitating disease that typically affects the nerves in the extremities of our body. The symptoms are relentless, nonresponsive to most therapies and can be life altering and devastating. Nerve pain does not resolve like musculoskeletal pains do. Nerves are very slow healing because unlike most other tissues in the body, nerve cells do not have an external blood supply. The blood responsible for feeding the nerves are located within the nerves themselves. Therefore, irritated nerves interrupt their own oxygen and nutrient supply. Oxygen starved nerves are often atrophied making it harder for nerve signals to transmit from one nerve cell to another. This leads directly to altered and disrupted nerve sensations such as Numbness and Sharp Pain.

The traditional medical approach is to medicate using either Neurontin or Lyrica and when they stop working and they do, add narcotics or anti depressants like Cymbalta  into the picture. Neuropathy can be created by many different etiologies.  There are at least 52 drugs that can cause neuropathy.

Diabetes, chemotherapy, Auto-Immune Disease, Kidney Disease, Heavy Metal and other Toxicity (radiation, pesticides, contaminants), Spinal Stenosis, Neuro Degenerative Diseases, Fat metabolism disorder, nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut syndromes, Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr virus, Thyroid disease, Hepatitis, Alcoholism, HIV, Hypertension, Rheumatoid Factors, Smoking, genetics and recently  Aspartame to name just a few.

Our approach to treating this complex disease is to treat metabolically and stimulate neurologically at the same time. The chemistry is extremely important and must not be overlooked. The body heals itself as long as it has all the raw ingredients to do so and has nothing blocking it’s path. We use a class IV Laser  which has the ability to oxygenate the tissues and nerves. We use  a very special low amperage electrotherapy device which is safe even for pace makers. We exercise the weakened areas (usually feet) with specialized therapy and equipment which is designed especially for your foot muscles, often overlooked in just about all workout programs.