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Custom Nutrition


Standard Blood Work is utilized but has limitations. With blood testing we see what is floating around in your blood stream but not what is going on in your cells. So we coordinate additional labs and correlate the information for best results.

We add a urine based test that you can collect at home and is analyzed by “Sabre Science” Laboratory in Carlsbad California. By analyzing what your body is excreting we can know more accurately what is going on inside your cells. This state of the art analysis utilizes the latest in technology to give accurate information about your metabolic pathways.  The more specific the information the better the treatment.

Stool Testing

We use “DiagnosTechs” stool analysis to determine if you are having any parasites, harmful bacteria, poor enzyme production or  fungus and yeast overgrowth. The digestive system is a very important system that connects to our immune system, thyroid, liver and mal absorption can lead to many other problems. Many people don’t even know they are having certain digestive issues.

Allergy and Chemical Sensitivity Testing

Utilizing “Bio-Tech” blood droplet testing that you can perform at home, we get an easy and very accurate test of your allergy and chemical sensitivities. These sensitivities can affect your whole system and are easy to find, correct and get you feeling a lot better.

Kinesiological Contact Reflexology Testing

In addition to all the lab tests we can also get additional information about which systems your body needs help with by utilizing muscle testing as functional neurology. This amazing analysis can save a lot of time and money when you need answers fast. You can be screened for virus, bacteria, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxic exposure, allergies, essential fatty acid deficiency, and much more.

Type II Diabetic Management

Our center has very effective programs that are easy to follow. We even have delicious no sugar chocolate that is safe for diabetics. The chocolate has herbs that even help lower your blood sugar! Sugar creates inflammation in the body. Inflammation is seen as the cause of many disease processes. Sugar is not in the four food groups at all. It was designed to be an occasional treat. Not eaten at every meal in all the foods we eat. If you start to read labels you will see that food manufacturers put sugar in just about every product you can imagine.

Detoxification Programs

Whether its’ mercury, pesticides, radiation or any number of hundreds of chemical compounds we are now exposed to, there is a simple and effective detoxification program. This is the biggest challenge to our systems and will be, for many years to come. Studies done with newborn cord blood sampling revealed 225 different chemicals that do not belong in the human body. These chemicals were not around 60 years ago. Imagine the challenge to our systems let alone a newborns system with these very toxic chemicals on board!


Methylation is the system by which our bodies take a toxic substance, modify it slightly so that it can eliminate them from our bodies. Some people are poor methylators. So, they are more likely to become toxic. This is very common problem and is genetically linked. Metabolic testing gives us info to help us correct that major problem and help your body detoxify naturally as it should on a daily basis . Many times people with this deficiency need to take especial forms of certain vitamins that are already methylated. B12 for example is typically cyanocobalamine but these poor methylators need to take a different form: Methylcobalamine. Instead of Folic Acid they need Methyl Folate. So as you can see certain information could make a huge difference.