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Nerve Damage

Peripheral Neuropathy
Westside Wellness Center is the first center in Los Angeles to bring you a comprehensive program for the treatment of the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a very debilitating disease that typically affects the nerves in the extremities of our body. The symptoms are relentless, nonresponsive to most therapies and can be life altering and devastating. Nerve pain does not resolve like musculoskeletal pains do. Nerves are very slow healing because unlike most other tissues in the body. nerve cells do not have an external blood supply. The blood responsible for feeding the nerves are located within the nerves themselves. Therefore, irritated nerves interrupt their own oxygen and nutrient supply. Oxygen starved nerves are often atrophied making it harder for nerve signals to transmit from one nerve cell to another. This leads directly to altered and disrupted nerve sensations such as Numbness, and Sharp Pain.

The traditional medical approach is to medicate using either Neurontin or Lyrica and when they stop working and they do, add narcotics into the picture. Neuropathy can be created by many different etiologies.

There are at least 52 drugs that can cause neuropathy.

Diabetes, chemotherapy, Auto-Immune Disease, Kidney Disease, Heavy Metal and other Toxicity (radiation, pesticides, contaminants), Spinal Stenosis, Neuro Degenerative Diseases, Fat metabolism disorder, nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut syndromes, Epstein Barr virus, Lyme disease, Thyroid disease, Hepatitis, Alcoholism, HIV, Hypertension, Rheumatoid Factors, Smoking and genetics to name just a few.

Our approach to treating this complex disease is to treat metabolically and stimulate neurologically.

Over the last 30 years Dr. Kelberman has treated hundreds of people with some kind of nerve damage. He furthered his education by studying with several well known chiropractic neurologists across the country. This led to the Westside Wellness Center’s specialty in the field of Neuropathy treatment. With our specialty in foot rehabilitation from years of treating runners and athletes of all types we naturally extended into the neuropathy field since most of the neuropathy symptoms affect the feet.

Disuse atrophy recovers with exercise. Neural inhibitory atrophy (Neuropathy) does not fix itself ! Nerves are very slow healing and must be nourished and stimulated to grow. It’s a widely held belief in the medical community that if you stop the offending drug or other offending agent, the nerves will just heal themselves. That very rarely happens.

Neurologically, we simplify nerves into two categories, large and small fiber. The large fibers are the only ones that affect motor functions (muscle strength), give you the feeling of numbness, affect your spinal reflexes (achilles and patellar) and the small fibers give you other symptomatology such as pain, cramping, burning, spasms, etc.

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